What is Stop Child Abuse about?

Stop Child Abuse is a non-profit cooperation project that has been active on the Internet since 1996. We unite child advocates, organisations, abuse victims and others in the struggle to make the world a safer place for children. It is important to assist in the work against child abuse and paedophilia.
Beginning as a protest movement against child pornography on the Internet, Stop Child Abuse now has grown to also work against childtrafficking, childmolesting otherwhere in society and helping victims and realtives to get their rights.
Child molesters are not only "ugly old men" but often enough even people you ought to be able to trust: doctors, politicians and so on. Stop Child Abuse has cooperators from around the world, people who contribute with assistance in their part of the world. That makes the Stop Child Abuse ring of associates global. Stop Child Abuse gives you the opportunity to help giving children the right to a safe upbringing. It is up to you to take that opportunity. sidobild2.jpg